• Mar
    Eagle-Grip® Magnetic Empty Drum Handling Attachment


    Magnetic Empty Drum Handling Attachment for loading and unloading 55 gallon empty steel drums.

  • Jun
    ERP Roll Transporter with Hydraulic Lip


    Easy Lift Equipment ERP models are equipped with custom roll handling attachments to fit your specific application. The latest addition to this product line is roll platform equipped with a hydraulic lip to easily secure rolls for transport. This equipment is the best solution for transferring rolls weighing up to 2,000 lbs. from a pallet to a converting machine

  • Jan
    Eagle Grip Drum Handling Attachments for Mauser Drums


    Moving Mauser style plastic drums? Easy Lift Equipment now offers Mauser drum compatible versions of our Eagle Grip Series 1,3 & 4 drum handling attachments.

  • Dec
    Eagle-Grip® Non-Sparking Attachments for Hazardous Areas


    All lift truck attachments for handling drums currently on the market have clamping mechanisms made of carbon steel. When these carbon steel clamping mechanisms contact steel drums and are elevated by the lift truck operator there are two metal surfaces scrapping against one another quickly. This metal on metal sliding action to grip the drums' chime is the greatest potential for creating a spark. The addition of non-sparking clamping jaws to the gripping mechanisms provides absolutely no b

  • Dec
    EasyLift Drum Transporters with Scales and Printers


    Easy Lift Equipment was awarded a US patent for inventing an Ergonomic Drum Transporter to eliminate injuries associated with the manual handling of drums. Optional scales for weighing and dispensing drums by weight were introduced shortly thereafter in 1997. New for 2013: All brands and model 110 volt printers can now be included with the scale option for printing labels, conducting physical inventory of drum weights or any other printer required function for the recording and printing data.

  • May
    Pneumatic Lift Option Narrow Aisle Drum Transporters


    Are you unable to use DC powered equipment due to in explosion-proof area, but would prefer powered lift with your EasyLift Drum transporter? All EasyLift drums transporters are now available with a rechargeable air tank and pneumatic lift cylinder, providing an effortless way to raise and lower drums without a foot pedal for lifting.

  • Mar
    New ELDR Drum Dumpers and Roll Manipulators


    The ELDR product line of ergonomic drum dumpers and roll manipulators was designed for handling loads up to 500 lb /227 kg. Both straddle leg and counter-balanced models have narrow width base frames for handling drums and roll materials in tight or congested areas. Available with: 5 different clamp and strap rotators, AC, DC & air powered, with 48" or 60" lift height single stage masts. Similar models available for handling roll materials up to 26" in diameter.

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