Easy Lift Equipment is the only manufacturer of revolutionary drum haulers that offer safe and easy transportation of drums around your facility. Our selection includes drum haulers designed for lifting, transporting and hauling, as well as drum rotator units featuring lift, clamp and side, or forward rotation for easy drum tipping.

Drum-Hauler® Self Powered Drum Transporters and Drum Dumpers with 28.5” width counter balanced frames are capable of continuous use for 16 hours between charges. Also available with single or two stage masts for elevations up to 144”, forward or side rotating clamps, side shifters, Intertek approved “EE” ratings, FDA coatings, Gel Cell batteries for convenience charging, stainless steel construction and scales for dispensing by weight. Other key standard features include:

  • Battery discharge indicator (BDI) and hour meter
  • BDI includes warning lights to inform operators of low battery conditions
  • Large 700 lb. 24-volt wet acid industrial battery
  • Non-rotating drum hauler models include EG3 single clamping mechanism or optional EG4 double articulating clamping mechanisms for safe and efficient handling of steel chimed, fiber and chimed plastic drums
  • AC Drive Motor with regenerative braking
  • Electro-mechanical disc brake which locks with handle in upright or extreme lowered position for added safety
  • Safety Orange Powder Coating

A host of optional features are also available, including increased weight capacities of up to 1,500 lbs., headlights or flashing beacons for greater safety in dark environments, two stage masts for increased lifting heights, extended reach capabilities and many more.

Model Name:
Drum-Haulers® for Lift, Clamp & Transport only
Powered Drum Hauler Handling and Lifting Equipment Drum-Haulers® make handling plastic, fiber, and steel drums an easy task. This is the most ergonomic equipment available for transporting, weighing, and dispensing products in drums with models ...
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Model Name:
Drum-Haulers® with Lift, Clamp & Side or Forward Rotation
Powered And Motorized Drum Dumpers Drum-Haulers® are the most ergonomic equipment available for transporting, weighing and dispensing products from plastic, fiber and steel drums. Drum-Haulers® are very compact for working in tight prod...
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Our Drum Tilters and Haulers Can Offer a Number of Important Business Advantages

Our Drum-Haulers® and drum tilting equipment can offer a number of important advantages for your business whether you require a drum tipper or a unit that only performs lift and transportation. Our drum haulers are easy to maneuver, so you can work efficiently in cramped trailers or other areas where space is at a premium. You’ll have the flexibility to load and unload trailers and shipping containers whether single or double-stacked.

Safe and Efficient Accelerating and Braking Drum Tilters

Our drum tilters are designed to make stopping, starting and accelerating a simple and safe process. While the electronic speed controller is pre-set to a maximum speed of 1.8 mph, you can also specify to have the capability to reach a speed of 2.8 mph at the time you order your drum tilter. Efficient Regenerative braking allows for smooth and reliable stopping with minimal drain on the battery.

Convenient Handle Controls for Simplified Operation

Handle-mounted controls make operating your drum tipper simple and easy to learn. The thumb-operated butterfly control allows you to move forward or backward on your command, and you can lift or lower the drum with a simple press of a button. The snail button provides a “creep” mode allowing for precise maneuvering and the horn button enables you to alert others of your presence or to warn them of a potential hazard.

Check Out Our Complete Drum-Hauler™ Selection

We invite you take a few minutes to learn more about our complete selection of drum haulers and drum tippers by browsing the individual product pages and specifications. You can also contact us for additional information and to receive a no-obligation price quote. Discover what makes Easy Lift Equipment the industry leader when it comes to dependable ergonomic equipment for lifting, handling, transporting and dumping drums.

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