EasyLift DC Powered Models for Non-Hazardous Areas

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DC Cabinet house (2) U1AGM deep cycle 12-volt batteries (24-volt system), an automatic battery charger, key switch, battery discharge indicator and hydraulic motor and pump assembly .

Switches for lift/lower, clamp/unclamp, rotate left/right and deadman safety switch located on top of cabinet.

Darcor Ergonomic Casters: 8" x 2" rigid, 5"x 2" swivel.  Includes step-down foot floor locks for added safety.

Powder coat finish is standard.  Optional: FDA approved power coat finish with stainless steel hardware or stainless steel construction.

Available with 180 degree forward strap or clamp rotators or 360 degree left/right strap or clamp rotators.

Optional Non-Intrinsically Safe Scale Systems for accurate dispensing of drum contents by weight  (See air powered drum dumpers for Intrinsically-Safe Scale Systems)

Load Capacity varies from 200 lb/90 kg to 1000 lb/454 kg by means of an adjustable leg feature, therefore the longer the leg length, the greater the capacity.

Single Stage masts with side rotating clamps are available in capacities up to 1200 lb/545 kg

Lift Heights to the bottom of the drum in vertical position vary from 48"/1219 mm to 144"/3656 mm depending on your requirements.

Weight of equipment varies with models and capacities.

Dimensions:  34.5" width x adjustable length according to capacity x height determined by size of single or two stage mast.

12-month warranty, made in USA.

EasyLift® DC Powered  Drum Dumpers

for Non-Hazardous Areas

EasyLift® DC Powered Drum Dumpers are built to meet the needs of your specific drum dumping application. We will discuss your project with you in detail to determine the features that fit your application perfectly. We use both counterbalanced or straddle leg base frames, single or two-stage masts, 180 degree forward or 360 degree side strap or clamp rotators.  

Capacity Up to 1200 lb/545 kg  

30-Day Trial Toward Purchase Program  

DC cabinets house a similar hydraulic pump/motor assembly, (2) 12-volt AGM deep cycle batteries, automatic battery charger, key switch and battery discharge indicator. 

All controls for lift, clamp and rotation are located on the top of the cabinet.   Darcor™ ergonomic casters are standard on all models providing the easiest roll ability, while being chemical resistant, non-marking and maintenance free. Non-Intrinsically Safe Scales can be added to any model to eliminate the need to pre-weigh materials requiring the use of floor scales. Our equipment is offered in powder coated carbon steel, FDA approved epoxy powder coatings or stainless steel construction. All EasyLift Hydraulic Drum Dumpers are manufactured in Newark ,DE USA. and warranted to be free of defects for one-year from date of purchase.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our drum handling equipment.

EasyLift DC Powered Models for Non-Hazardous Areas :
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