Empty Drum Handling Attachments

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EG4 Heavy-Duty Magnetic Empty Drum Handling Attachment

Magnet Mechanisms Articulate for Handling Mis-Aligned Drums

Capacity: 75lb/ 34kg per drum

Handles Tight Head 55 Gallon Carbon Steel Drums

Heavy-Duty PVC Belt Cradles Eliminate Cosmetic Dents and Abrasions to Drum Surface

12-Month Unconditional Warranty, excluding belts

OSHA required Safety Chain with Cam Lock Attaches to Lift Truck in Seconds

All Eagle-Grip® Attachments meet OSHA 1910-178 requirements

Available as Single or Double Drum Attachments


EAGLE-GRIP ® Magnetic Empty Drum Handling Attachment
Model Capacity Weight  Dimensions H x L x W Drums  Attachment Mounting
(lbs/kg)  (lbs/kg)  (inches)  (mm) Handled 
EG4MDC-F 75/34 TBD 35x15x18 838x381x457 1 Adjustable Fork Mount
EG4MDC2-F 75/34 TBD 37x47x24 940x1194x610 2 Adjustable Fork Mount


The distance from the tip of the forks to the center of the drum.

EG4MDC-F          13” to center of drum measurement

EG4MDC2-F        13” to center of drum measurement


The distance measured from the bottom of the attachment to the center point on the mast at which it balances.

EG4MDC-F           12” (w/43” SOM)

EG4MDC2-F         14” (w/43” SOM)


The distance or point that is measured between the beginning of the fork to pockets the end of the attachment which the attachment balances.

EG4MDC-F          30”

EG4MDC2-F        33”


 Magnetic Empty Drum Handling Attachments

Every year tens of millions of new drums are produced for use in the manufacturing and shipping of products from a wide range of industries.  New empty steel drums arrive to manufacturers in trailers stacked two or three high ready to be unloaded.  The Eagle-Grip® Empty Drum Handling Attachment is the the safest and most efficient solution for unloading double and triple stacked empty steel drums to. Unlike our other attachments which handle full drums by clamping the chime of the drum, this new line of attachments uses electrically activated magnets to magnetically grip, lift and release the drums.   These magnets have been programmed to use a key fob to allow the lift truck operator to remotely activate and deactivate the magnets.

All Eagle-Grip® Attachments meet OSHA 1910-178 requirements

Built to conform ANSI/ITSDF B56.11.4-2013 Standard

30-Day Trial Toward Purchase Program Available

Fork mounted models enable lift truck operators to install/remove the attachment in seconds without tools. Totally enclosed 43" long fork pockets with attached safety chain and cam-lock secures the attachment to the lift truck. Fork mounted models can handle 1 or 2 drums at a time. When two 55-gallon drums are on the attachment, the two drums are wider than the attachments' width. This makes easy unloading of drums which are tightly packed in trailers or overseas containers. Quick adjustable heads allow pickup of various drum heights. Standard heavy duty rubber belt bases support the lower side of the drum eliminating dents or cosmetic abrasions.

Capacity: 75lb/ 34kg per drum

Empty Drum Handling Attachments:
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