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We provide ergonomic equipment for handling, lifting, weighing, transporting and dispensing any size or type of drum. All of our heavy duty 55-gallon drum lifters are designed to improve the efficiency of your operation and includes a host of built-in safety features. Our four major drum material handling equipment product lines include:

Eagle-Grip Drum Handling Attachments

Lift trucks are the safest and most dependable lift truck attachments for handling any type of drum. Our drum picker attachments are capable of gripping up to four steel, fiber or plastic drums at a time.

Drum Transporters

Eliminate workplace injuries associated with moving drums manually. Models are available for a wide range of drum lifting and transporting applications.

Drum Dumpers

With manual travel straddle or counterbalanced base frames are DC or air powered for EX areas. We manufacture drum dumpers for every type of dumping application.


Intertek approved self-propelled drum transporters and drum dumpers with optional scales for dispensing by weight. Drum haulers are capable of 16 hours of continuous use and are powered by a Deka Industrial battery.

Model Name:
Eagle-Grip® Drum Attachments

Eagle-Grip® Drum Handling Attachments for Lift Trucks

This is the safest most dependable available for gripping any size plastic, fiber and steel drums from
1 to 4 at a time. Secure gripping of drums is essent...
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EasyLift Drum Transporters
EasyLift Ergonomic Drum Transporters eliminate workplace injuries associated with moving drums manually. We have models to fit every customer application imaginable from our low priced eco...
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EasyLift Drum Dumpers

EasyLift Drum Dispensing Equipment

Allows for safe and efficient drum dumping at various heights. We offer five different product lines of drum dumper to serve a wide range of applications, including drum dispensing in hazardous a...
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Easy Lift Equipment is the only manufacturer of revolutionary drum haulers that offer safe and easy transportation of drums around your facility. Our selection includes drum haulers designed for lifting, transporting and hauling, as well as ...
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Customized Ergonomic Drum Handling Equipment for Any Application

Whether your specific drum handling applications require drum lifting, picking, transporting or dumping, Easy Lift offers the equipment and handling solutions that enable you to complete the task at hand with greater safety and efficiency. All of our drum pickers, drum lifters, drum dumpers and other products are ergonomically designed, making them easy for any operator. They are also designed to handle any drum including steel, plastic, and fiber drums. Our drum handling experts will work closely with you to select the equipment that is best suited for your projects. If you don’t see a product that perfectly meets your needs, Easy Lift can often create a custom drum solution for your organization and your projects unique specifications.

Drum Material Handling Equipment for Various Industries & Use Cases

Easy Lift Equipment offers many different types of custom drum material handling equipment to serve the needs of various industries and applications. Whether you are handling 30 or 55-gallon drums or moving pails, Easy Lift has the handling solutions for you. Our equipment is also popular in larger industries such as oil drum handling and waste drum handling. We are committed to providing versatile equipment and custom drum handlers for a growing list of industry needs.

Quality Control Ensures Reliability and Satisfaction

Our drum pickers, drum lifters, drum stackers, and other products must comply with our stringent quality control standards. We check and load test every piece of equipment before it leaves our manufacturing facility to ensure it will provide many years of reliable service. We work each day with an emphasis on helping our customers accomplish their objectives, which is why we provide quality drum handling products that enhance your environment. All of our equipment comes ready to use with little or no additional assembly required. It’s no wonder that so many companies rely on Easy Lift Equipment for all of their drum handling needs!

The Safe, Productive Drum Lift and Handling Choice

At Easy Lift, we always operate with our customers in mind. That’s why our drum handling equipment is ergonomically designed to enhance worker comfort and productivity. Ergonomic studies have shown that worker comfort also helps eliminate workplace injuries — meaning your workplace becomes safer when you use Easy Lift’s drum handling products and other equipment. Our safe, productive products are used in the chemical, paint, food processing, pharmaceutical, medical manufacturing, and petroleum refining industries, as well as many others. Our primary goal is to provide safe equipment that enhances our customers' productivity.

When You Want Experience

We have worked with organizations like yours since 1982 when we first began offering lift truck attachments for handling drums. In more than 30 years of experience, we have grown to include more drum and roll handling equipment, always incorporating new innovations and developments that will make your work safer, more comfortable and more productive. When you need an experienced provider with a track record of enhancing productivity and safety through effective drum handling equipment, Easy Lift is your trusted source.

Try Our Drum Mover and Handling Equipment for 30 Days

If you’re still not sure that our drum handling devices are right for your business, you can take advantage of our trial offer. With a paid trial towards purchase program, we enable our customers to test our equipment in their facility at a fraction of the purchase price that is then applied to the purchase price if the customer chooses to keep the unit. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when working with unique companies like yours, which is why we make every effort to find the perfect handling solutions for your situation. We firmly believe that once you experience the increased productivity, ease of use and enhanced safety our equipment can offer, you’ll want to make it a permanent part of your business operation!

We also provide drum handling equipment rental for customers performing drum inventory or for customers needing an immediate solution for a drum handling project.

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