EasyLift Drum Dumpers

EasyLift Drum Dispensing Equipment

Allows for safe and efficient drum dumping at various heights. We offer five different product lines of drum dumper to serve a wide range of applications, including drum dispensing in hazardous and non-hazardous areas.

EasyLift Drum Dumpers with Manual Travel

Our Drum Dumpers with Manual Travel are available with straddle style, counter balanced or stationary base frames, single or two stage masts for elevations up to 144”, and forward or side rotating clamps. Manually powered, DC powered, AC powered or air powered Drum Dumpers are available with optional scales for dispensing by weight. Depending on the model, user-friendly features can include:
  • Step-down foot floor locks for enhanced operator safety
  • Standard powder coating finish or optional F.D.A. approved epoxy powder coating finish
  • Non-intrinsically safe or intrinsically safe scale systems allowing for accurate, metered drum dispensing
  • Low decibel air motors for quiet operation
  • Drum dumping capabilities for drums weighing up to 1500 lbs available on select drum dumpers
  • Optional side shifters with 8” of travel
  • Capability for 180 degree forward rotation or full 360 degree side rotation

Model Name:
EG2000RCR Powered Drum Dumping Attachment
The EG2000RCR is a self-powered lift truck attachment which allows the operator to remotely manipulate drums from most lift trucks without the need for additional equipment or having to dismount the lift truck while clamping, lifting and rotating a d...
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Model Name:
EasyLift Manual Clamp / Forward Rotation Drum Dumpers
EasyLift™ Drum Dumpers with Manual Clamp and Forward Rotation EasyLift™ Manual Clamp and Forward Rotation Drum Dumpers offer affordable solutions for dispensing drums in low level dumping applications.  These barrel tippers ar...
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Model Name:
ELDR AC, DC or Air Powered Models
ELDR AC, DC or Air Powered Drum Dumpers Drum Dispensing & Weighing Equipment EasyLift ELDR narrow aisle drum dumpers are 360 degree side rotating models for handling drums up to 500 lb./227 kg.   Both the 27" overa...
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EasyLift DC Powered Models for Non-Hazardous Areas
EasyLift® DC Powered  Drum Dumpers for Non-Hazardous Areas EasyLift® DC Powered Drum Dumpers are built to meet the needs of your specific drum dumping application. We will discuss your project with you in detail to determine the f...
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EasyLift Air Powered Models for Hazardous Areas
EasyLift Air Powered Models for Hazardous Areas EasyLift Air Powered Drum Dumpers are built to meet the needs of your specific drum dumping application. We will discuss your project with you in detail to determine the features that fit your applicat...
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Model Name:
Stationary Base Frames With Single or Two Stage Masts
Stationary Drum Dumpers Stationary models are available as 110 volt/1 phase a/c powered, 24-volt DC powered or air powered for use in hazardous areas. Choice of single or two stage masts with lift heights as high as 144” above floor l...
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Drum Dumping Equipment Built to Each Customer’s Specific Application

Regardless of your application, there’s an EasyLift drum dumping device that will help you get the job done quickly, efficiently and safely. The EasyLift Manual Clamp and Forward Rotation Drum Dumpers are the smart choice for low-level dumping applications. Our ELDR AC, DC or Air Powered units feature full 360 degree rotation for easy maneuverability in narrow aisles and other areas where space is at a premium. The EasyLift AC & DC powered Models are ideally suited for a variety of non-hazardous areas, while our air powered units are the best choice for safe drum dispensing while working in hazardous environments.

We also offer stationary base frame models with single or two-stage masts for stable drum dumping at heights of up to 144 in. Each product is designed and manufactured with care. At Easy Lift, we emphasize performance and quality by creating durable drum dispensers and other products that improve the safety and productivity of the workplace.

We’ll Help You Choose the Right Barrel Dumper for Your Application

With so many drum dispensing options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right model for your company’s applications. Our expert staff will help you select the equipment that best meets your needs. In addition to our selection of drum dispensers, we can create custom solutions that meet your organization’s needs. Our customers are our main priority, and we always look for the best ways to help increase your productivity and safety. We’ll be happy to discuss your specific project with you!

Promoting Safety, Comfort and Productivity With Drum Dumpers

At Easy Lift, we work to ensure our customers are comfortable, safe and productive when using our products. That’s why our drum dumpers and other equipment adhere to strict quality control measures. They are also ergonomically designed to increase user comfort and productivity, which creates a safer environment.

Our drum dumpers are used in the food processing, petroleum refining, pharmaceutical, agricultural, chemical and paint industries, as well as many others. Our customers trust us to meet their drum dispensing needs with quality products that create a safe and productive working environment.

Easy Lift: The Experienced Drum Dumper Provider

At Easy Lift, our history dates back to the early 1980s when we began selling lift truck attachments for handling drums. Since then, we have grown, expanded and incorporated many new products and services — all with a focus on helping organizations increase their productivity and safety. We’ll help you maximize your investment in drum dispensers and other drum and roll handling equipment.

Try Our Drum/Barrel Dumping Equipment for 30 Days

A great way to determine if our dumping equipment is right for you is to take advantage of our 30-day trial offer. With a paid trial towards purchase program we enable our customers to test our equipment in their facility at a fraction of the purchase price that is then applied to the purchase price after a successful trial is completed. This trial offer is designed to help you feel confident that you have a drum dispenser that fully meets your organization’s specific needs.

If you're interested in learning more about our drum dumpers or other drum handling equipment please contact us today.

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