ERP Series Roll Transporters

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Low maintenance 3-phase AC drive motor with regenerative braking.
Unique, single cylinder mast design for a superior view of the load.
Offset drive unit creates higher four-point wheel stability.
High lifting speed increases productivity.
Precise and handling of loads as the lowering speed is electro-hydraulically controlled (in 2 stages) via a button on the handle head.
Electro-magnetic disc brake which locks with handle in upright or extreme lowered position for added safety - Creep speed control with handle in upright position
Maintenance-free 2 x 12V / 70 Ah batteries.
Integrated 110V charger and cord for fast, simple charging at any 110 / 120V wall outlet.
Handle head and electrical connectors protected to IP65.
Easy access to all components through the durable front cover.
Handle: Dual thumb operated butterfly control with forward and reverse travel, lever control for lift and lower on both side of handle, horn button, snail creep button, safety reversing switch movers machine forward if activated when traveling in reverse in tight areas, key switch.


Load Capacity varies by project need up to 2,200 lbs / 998 kg.  

Two Mast Heights available offering lift heights of 60" / 1524mm and 78" / 1981 mm.

Straddle Leg Inner Dimension and Leg Length Adjustable by Project Requirement.

12 / 24 - month warranty.

Roll fork and roll arms models can be built to accomodate a variety of roll dimensions and an adjustable fork position option is also available.

Platform Lifting Models are available with two size platforms to accomodate rolls up to 40" diameter or rolls up to 50" diameter.


 Self Powered Roll Transporters

ERP Series Roll Transporters offer an easy and economic solution to transporting large rolls, without requiring large and expensive clamp trucks. ERP models are equipped with custom roll handling attachments to fit your specific application. Roll forks lift rolls with cushioned rubber pads , roll arms can be provided to support a mandrel through the roll core, and a roll platform with hydraulic lip can securely transport roll.  ERP models can also be equipped with either RCR20-40 or RCR30-50 clamps for applications where rotation is required.

Each of these units is built to order and can be customized to meet specific project needs.  


If you'd like to learn more about our roll handling equipment feel free to contact us today.

ERP Series Roll Transporters:
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