Quick-Claw™ Safety System

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The patented Quick-Claw™ Safety System, when engaged locks attachments securely to the forks of the forklift to prevent the chance of sliding off during use.  When the attachment is lowered to the grond, the cams rotate and conveniently release the attachment.  Eliminates the need for forklift operators to dismount the lift truck to secure attachments on and off the forks. 

Eagle Grip Attachments with Quick-Claw Cam Locks

The patented Quick-Claw™ cam locks, when engaged, locks securely to the forks of the forklift to prevent any chance of sliding off during sudden stops.  This also eliminates the need for the operator to dismount the lift truck to engage or disengage the standard safety chain provided on all Eagle-Grip® Attachments. When the cam locks come in contact with the floor, it conveniently releases the attachment.   All Eagle-Grip® attachments are available with this option.  Quick-Claw parts can also be purchased at a later date to be equipped on older attachments.



  • Secures and releases Eagle-Grip™ Attachments automatically
  • No operator dismount required
  • Prevents slippage accidents
  • Fast and efficient pick-and-go loading

Attachment secures the instant it leaves the ground. No slip-off accidents compliant with federal and sate safety codes.

Cuts costs and improves productivity while driver focuses on tasks at hand – without dismounting to secure attachments or unsecure the attachments to handle pallets of drums.

This piece of drum handling equipment is built to last and fully guaranteed to work on any lift truck.

Quick-Claw™ is a trademark of Lifting Technologies, Inc.

Quick-Claw™ Safety System:
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