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DC cabinets house (2) 12-volt deep cycle non-gasing AGM batteries (24-volt system), automatic charger, hydraulic pump & reservoir, key switch and battery discharge indicator. 

AC cabinets house 110-volt hydraulic motor/pump and electrical assemblies. 

The control switches for clamp, lift and rotation are located on the top of the cabinet.  For added safety, a red dead-man switch must be pressed and held for the unclamp/clamp function to operate. These controls are also available in an optional control box on a heavy coil cord for operation anywhere around the machine.   

Flow control valves are in place to provide controlled lift and lowering speeds on DC and AC drum dumpers. 

Air powered drum dumpers for hazardous areas use hydraulic valves providing lift, rotation  and clamping functions.  An additional deadman type safety valve, requiring two handed operation, must be activated and held for the clamp/unclamp valve to function.  Lift and rotation functions can be easily feathered by the operator providing very controlled lift and rotation.  This is an important feature especially when paired with our scale options for dispensing by weight.  Unlike other air motors, our air motor/power unit is exremely quiet and does not require hearing protection.

Darcor™ PD ergonomic casters (5" x 2") are standard on all straddle leg models while Darcor™ PSE ergonomic casters (8" x 2") are necessary on counter-balanced models.  Both provide the easiest roll ability, while being chemical resistant, non-marking and maintenance free.

Both non-intrinsically safe and intrinsically safe scales can be added to any model to eliminate the need to pre-weigh materials requiring the use of floor scales.

Our equipment is offered in powder coated carbon steel, FDA approved epoxy powder coatings or stainless steel construction.

All EasyLift Drum Dumpers are manufactured in Newark ,DE USA. and warranted to be free of defects for one-year from date of purchase.

Load Capacity varies from 200 lb/91 kg to 500 lb/227 kg.

Lowered height of all clamps on the straddle leg models is 10.5"/356 mm.  The lowered height of all clamps on the counter-balanced models is 14"/356 mm due to the larger 8" casters.  All drum clamps are 8" in overall height.  For roll handling applications, clamping pads are 16" in height.

Choice of (2) single stage masts which provide 48"/1219 mm or 60"/1524 mm. of vertical lift.

Dimensions:  27" width x 36.5" length for straddle legs models

Dimersion: 24" width x 40" length for counter-balanced models.

Height Dimensions are determined by size of single stage mast.

ELDR AC, DC or Air Powered Drum Dumpers

Drum Dispensing & Weighing Equipment

EasyLift ELDR narrow aisle drum dumpers are 360 degree side rotating models for handling drums up to 500 lb./227 kg.   Both the 27" overall width of the straddle leg model and the 24" overall width of the counter-balanced drum dumper permit gripping drums of various diameters from the side or corner of a pallet, while maneuvering through tight congested areas.  Optional scales provide excellent accuracy in dispensing by weight, eliminating the need to pre-weigh materials on floor scales.  


Capacity up to 500 lb./ 227 kg.    

All Drum Dumper Models available include: 24-volt DC powered, 110 volt AC powered or air powered.  Single stage masts provide 48" to 60" of lift.  Can be used with either:

Lowered height of all clamps on the straddle leg models is 10.5"/356 mm.  The lowered height of all clamps on the counter-balanced models is 14"/356 mm due to the larger 8" casters.  All models are finished with an standard safety yellow powder coating.  Optional FDA approved epoxy powder coating with stainless hardware or stainless steel construction is avaialble for pharmaceutical and food grade applications. 

All of the above clamps are available as non-rotating model if dispensing contents is not required.

"SR" strap rotator grips drums, pails and other containers from 9" to 24" in diameter. 

"CR clamp rotator, grips drum diameters from 20"/50.8 mm to 24"/61 mm.  This is the best choice for handling 55 gallon plastic drums.   Optional small drum adapters grip containers as small as 14"/356 mm.

"RCR 13/24" & "RCR 16/26" clamps are available to grip drums from 13"/330 mm to 24"/609  and from 13"/406mm to 26"/660 mm in diameter.  An optional small drum adapter can be easily pinned into place to permit gripping drums as small as 9”/228mm.

ELDR AC, DC or Air Powered Models :
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