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    ERP Roll Transporter with Hydraulic Lip



    Easy Lift Equipment ERP models are equipped with custom roll handling attachments to fit your specific application.  The latest addition to this product line is roll platform equipped with a hydraulic lip to easily secure rolls for transport.  This equipment is the best solution for transferring rolls weighing up to 2,000 lbs. from a pallet to a converting machine.  The powered lip of the roll platform provides a level transition for the operator to manually push the roll onto the platform by folding down to meet a standard 5” high pallet. A small recess in the bottom of the platform holds the roll in place until the operator raises the lip to contain the roll for transport.  Roll platforms are available two sizes to handle rolls up to 40” or 50” in diameter.


    Excellent ergonomics contribute to the effortless operation of the ERP. The long, low-mounted handle promotes lower steering resistance while also keeping the operator a comfortable distance from the truck. The proportional lowering function ensures rolls are precisely placed on converting machines or gently on the floor. The truck’s short chassis length of 21 inches enables the ERP to easily operate in confined spaces. All travel, lift and horn functions are easily accessible from both sides of the multi-function handle. The green butterfly control provides excellent forward and reverse creep speeds allowing for controlled safe approaches with loads. The crawl-speed button, located on the back of the handle, enables the creep function and acts as a brake bypass allowing the truck to maneuver in confined areas with the handle in the vertical position. The ERP offers several features that ensure excellent power management and longer operating times. The maintenance-free 2x12V, 70 Ah battery pack is easily recharged with the integrated charger, which can be connected to any 110/120V wall outlet. The battery discharge indicator continuously displays battery state of-charge and includes a lift cut-out function when state-of-charge reaches 20%. An innovative 3-phase AC drive motor is virtually maintenance-free and provides outstanding performance for efficient, productive operation. A Candis battery discharge indicator is located just above the key switch which also provides trouble code information.


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