Tank Haulers For Industrial & Pharmaceutical Applications

Model TH4500

Industrial Tank Haulers are available in powder coated carbon steel for industrial applications or stainless steel for food and pharmaceutical applications. Tank Haulers are equipped with AC drive motors and powered by an 700 lb 24-volt industrial battery with enough power to run 16 hours continuously. Our Industrial Tank Haulers are very compact for working in congested areas being only 28.5”/724 mm in overall width at the battery and 20.5”/520mm wide at the post platform. The thumb control on the handle provides infinite travel speeds and is equipped with a snail button to operater with the handle in an upright position.  Drive controllers can be preset to allow maximum travels speeds between 1.8 & 3.8 mph.

Tank-Haulers are equipped with a stationary fixed post to accept a variety of towing fixtures to attach to the tank to be transported.  The attached images show a pivoting stainless steel tow devise with easy to use pull strap.

Industrial Tank-Haulers are also available with an elevating stainless steel post(s) to meet the receiver configuration of your tanks. The posts are used in conjunction with the receivers mounted on the tanks.  The receivers incorporate a three sided metal stop and a pull ring. With the post in a fully lowered position, the operator propels the Tank-Hauler forward until the post contacts the three sided metal stop. The operator depresses a switch that then raises the post. The tank can now be pulled or pushed by the Tank-Hauler. This method can be used with a single or dual posts.

Elevating posts can also be equipped with Eagle-Grip Attachment mechanical clamping mechanisms.  https://www.easylifteqpt.com/drum_handling/eagle-grip_drum_attachments/

We specialize in designing custom fixtures for handling special containers/tanks. 

Please call us or your local material handling dealer for additional information.