Barrel Handling Equipment, Drum & Roll Handling Equipment

Easy lift Equipment offers a wide range of barrel lifting equipment for handling industrial barrels and drums. Our drum handling products fall into four main categories:

  • Lift truck attachments: Lift truck attachments are primarily used for loading/unloading drums from trucks. Our drum loading and barrel handling attachments fit all modern forklifts/lift trucks, and they can be retrofitted for use with older equipment.
  • Drum transporters: EasyLift ergonomic drum transporters are designed for moving drums and barrels to and from pallets with or without drum scales for safely and conveniently weighing contents.
  • Drum dumpers: Use EasyLift drum dumpers for dispensing materials from drums by weight with forward or side rotation clamps.
  • Drum haulers: EasyLift self propelled drum transporters and drum dumpers for transporting and dispensing materials from drums by weight with forward or side rotation clamps.

All drum transporters, drum dumpers and roll manipulators are available in manually propelled or power travel models. We offer many different clamp rotators which are designed for gripping roll materials in packaging & converting operations. We have an economical trial toward purchase program for in-plant evaluation to demonstrate the operator safe, ergonomic and productive value this equipment provides.

Custom Equipment Services

We also welcome the opportunity to customize these products to handle a wide range of other materials providing solutions to customer handling problems in areas outside of roll and barrel handling applications. Custom applications we have built equipment for in the past include: keg handling equipment, self propelled tank haulers for pharmaceutical applications, cylinder handling equipment and counter balanced walkie stackers. Please visit our custom products pages for ideas, and don't hesitate to contact us with your custom material handling application.

Improve Safety and Productivity With Lift Equipment

Easy Lift Equipment has been a leader in drum and barrel handling equipment for more than 30 years. You will find our products in production facilities, warehouses, shipping hubs, and other operations throughout the country and around the world. Specific benefits of using our barrel handling equipment include:

  • Safety: Proper use of drum and barrel lifts prevents on-the-job accidents and occupational injuries, reducing your liability while keeping your employees working safely.
  • Productivity: Drum and beer barrel lifting equipment not only helps keep your employees injury-free, it also gives them tools to work more efficiently, improving your overall productivity while keeping operating costs low.
  • Reliability: Our products are proudly made in Newark, DE to exceedingly high standards. All barrel lifts are rigorously tested to ensure they will deliver the on-the-job performance required.
  • Value: Designed for years of use, our drum and barrel lifts have extremely low operating costs and require little in the way of regular maintenance. New staff can be quickly trained to use our products thanks to their intuitive controls and ergonomic design.

Free 30-Day Trial

Discover the benefits of Easy Lift Equipment’s line-up of transporters, dumpers and other barrel lifting equipment with a free 30-day trial for any of our standard products. Contact us today for more information.

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