EasyLift Drum Transporters

EasyLift Ergonomic Drum Transporters eliminate workplace injuries associated with moving drums manually. We have models to fit every customer application imaginable from our low priced economy drum transporter to our all stainless steel construction for clean rooms.
Depending on the model selected, standard drum mover features include:

  • Eagle-Grip clamping mechanisms for easy gripping of steel, fiber or plastic drums
  • Step-down foot floor lock for safe storage when being used for drum transport
  • User-friendly foot pedal arrangement for simplified lifting and lowering
  • Ergonomic casters that offer easy movement, even for heavy loads
  • Comprehensive 12-month warranty for your protection
  • Safety yellow powder coating for maximum durability
  • Virtually maintenance-free operation to ensure your drum mover provides many years of reliable service while keeping your operating costs low

Drum Transporter Options

Options include: FDA approved epoxy powder coating, DC powered lift, Pneumatic powered lift, air over hydraulic powered lift, scales for weighing drums, double clamping mechanism, non-sparking clamping mechanisms for hazardous areas, stainless steel construction for food and pharmaceutical applications etc.

Model Name:
EasyLift Economy Drum Transporters
Mobile Drum Handling Equipment Standard Model ELE800 has drum weight capacity of 800 lb. The EasyLift Economy Drum Mover can eliminate strained backs, pinched fingers and other workplace injuries associated with manhandling drums on and off ...
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Model Name:
EasyLift Ergonomic Drum Transporters
EasyLift Ergonomic Drum Transporters Finally! A simple, safe and effective method that prevents the risks in manual materials handling in moving, lifting and lowering drums without a forklift - all while the drum remains completely in the vertical p...
More information:
Model Name:
EasyLift SL Narrow Aisle Drum Transporters
NARROW AISLE  27” WIDE “SL” MODEL Finally! A simple, safe and effective method that addresses the risks in manual materials handling in moving, lifting and lowering drums without a forklift - all while the drum remains comple...
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Model Name:
EasyLift Counterbalanced Drum Transporters
Counterbalanced Drum Transporters The reach provided by the counterbalanced base frame makes this unit ideal for placing drums in cabinets or under pumps.  This model is also perfect for placing drums on the side of pallets, scales, o...
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Model Name:
EasyLift Empty Drum Stackers
EasyLift Empty Drum Stackers Manually lifting empty drums weighing 50 lbs or more to a height of 70" in trailers can be an accident waiting to happen.  EasyLift drum stackers were designed for this exact task, allowing opera...
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Model Name:
Dosemaster™ Drum Transporters with Scales & Air Pumps
Drum Transporters With Scales And Air Pumps The Dosemaster™ 2000 is a highly flexible and maneuverable drum dosing system. Each Dosemaster™ system is based on a custom engineered drum transporter with a highly accurate metering system. T...
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Drum Transport Equipment Designed With Safety in Mind

Strained backs, pinched fingers and more severe injuries are all-too-common occurrences when attempting to move heavy drums manually. Easy Lift Equipment drum movers will help keep your workers safe on the job, while helping you avoid unproductive down time that can significantly impact your company’s bottom line. Our drum carriers are loaded with safety features that allow your team to move drums safely, regardless of weight, environment, surface or type of material.

No matter your industry, we have the drum transporter solution for your needs. Easy Lift works with pharmaceutical, food processing, chemical, paint, cosmetic and petroleum refining companies, as well as organizations in other industries. We are the experienced provider of drum transporters and other industrial equipment that can enhance your company’s productivity and safety.

Save Time and Save Money with Easy Lift Drum Transport Equipment

Our drum transport equipment will reduce the time associated with moving drums from one point to another or stacking empty drums by hand, and saving time translates into lower operating costs. You may even be able to apply manpower resources to other areas of your operation. Not only do our drum transporters save money through increased worker efficiency and safety, but they also maximize your investment through durability. At Easy Lift, we place an emphasis on quality and create drum transporters and other drum handling equipment that will stand the test of time.

More Than Three Decades of Drum Handling Experience

Easy Lift Equipment has been providing cost-effective drum handling solutions for businesses of all types since 1984. Our many drum handling equipment innovations include the development of a state-of-the-art drum transporter, for which we were awarded a U.S. patent in 1997. Our ongoing commitment to quality is exemplified by our stringent quality control procedures, which ensure our customers always receive a reliable piece of equipment. When you choose Easy Lift, you’re choosing the company that innovates and evolves to offer the finest drum transporters and other equipment in the industry.

The Safe, Comfortable Choice

Many of Easy Lift’s customers are focused on safety in the workplace. We ergonomically design each of our drum transporters and other equipment, enhancing the user’s comfort and productivity to reduce workplace injuries. Throughout our design and manufacturing processes, we’re constantly putting ourselves in our customers’ positions to find ways to maximize their investment in our drum transporters and other products.

Customized Drum Carrier Solutions for Your Specific Applications

Our three decades of drum handling experience also allows us to offer a high level of product expertise. Since 1984, we have seen new developments and innovations, and incorporate the best practices into our designs to ensure that you always enjoy the highest quality drum transporters and other equipment. We’ll help you explore your drum mover options, so you can select the product that best meets your unique business applications. Regardless of the nature or complexity of your project, you can be sure your drum transporter will allow you to execute it flawlessly.

Contact Us to Learn More about our Drum Transporter Equipment

Contact Easy Lift Equipment today for more information and to receive a free drum carrier price quote. And be sure to ask about our 30-day trial offer! Invest in a safe, productive drum transporter that provides long-term use and value. Our trial offer allows you to find the perfect match for your organization and your needs before you make a purchase.

Learn more about our drum transporters, or contact Easy Lift today to place an order.

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