Equipment For Handling Beer Kegs With 360 Degree Side Rotating Clamps

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Darcor Ergonomic PD Casters: (2) 8" x 2" rigid. (2) 8" x 2" locking swivel. 

Foot Floor Lock for added safety.

Power clamp, lift and 360 degree rotation

(2) 12-volt AGM deep cycle batteries, 24 volt system, with automatic charger, key switch, battery and discharge indicator.

Red deadman safety switch to prevent accidental opening of clamp.

Powder coated for durability with an FDA appoved epoxy powder coating

Clamps and lift heights vary to meet customer requirements.

Capacity: 200 lb.

Lift heights vary to match customer requirements (shown with 32" of lift)

Clamping pad height typically 4".

Dimensions of model shown: 34" long x 27" wide X 90" tall (for horizonal stacking 4 high)

Machine height is made to customer specifications and requirements.


In applications requiring kegs to be rotated for filling or for horizontal or vertical keg storage, special keg clamp rotators are used as shown in the next few images and video. 

The unique single moving arm permits horizontal stacking of kegs with minimal spacing required between other kegs.

The lift height is specific to the customers application.  EasyLift beer keg lifters can be finished in FDA approved epoxy powder coating, with stainless steel construction available as an option.


Equipment Features & Specifications

Equipment For Handling Beer Kegs With 360 Degree Side Rotating Clamps:
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