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    Pneumatic Lift Option Narrow Aisle Drum Transporters


    Are you unable to use DC powered equipment due to in explosion-proof area, but would prefer powered lift with your EasyLift Drum transporter?   All EasyLift drums transporters are now available with a rechargeable air tank and pneumatic lift cylinder, providing an effortless way to raise and lower drums without a foot pedal for lifting.  The absence of electrical power makes this equipment perfectly acceptable for use in "EE" or "EX" areas.  Simply fill the air tank using your air line, similar to inflating a tire, then use a valve located by the handle to automatically lift & lower the drum. Equipped with non-sparking jaws and anti-static grounding strap this unit is an excellent choice for lifting drums in restricted environments.  Optional FM approval EX scales permit weighing drums or discharging materials from drums by weight using air pumps.  Free 30-day trials available for in-plant evaluation.   To see a video of this model, click here:



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