EasyLift Manual Clamp / Forward Rotation Drum Dumpers

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Darcor Ergonomic Casters 5" x 2": (2) rigid, (2) swivel

Step-down foot floor locks for added safety.

Manual foot pump elevates drum at 1" per stroke to 60" above floot level depending on model. 

Pneumatic Lift Cylinder & Refillable Air Tank Powered Lift

DC Power Lift, 24-Volt with Inboard Charger, Key Switch, Battery Discharge Indicator in a Latchable Cabinet.

Easily Controlled Geared Rotation by means of a Self-Stopping Hank Crank or optional 16" Self Stopping Hand Wheel.

Heavy PVC Chain Cover Holds Plastic,  Fiber and Steel Drums

Safety Yellow Powder Coating or optional FDA Approved Epoxy Powder Coating with stainless steel hardware.

Adapters are Required to Handle Small Diameter Drums

Both Non-Intrinsically-Safe and Intrinsically-Safe Scales Provide Extremely Accurate Dispensing By Weight


Capacities available  from 300 lb/136 kg to 800 lb/363 kg depending on leg length.

Lifts drum 20"/508 mm, 40"/1016 mm or 60"/1524 mm  above floor height, please specify lift height required.

Manual lift is standard.  Optional: DC Powered Lift or Pneumatic Lift with rechargable air tank.

OPTIONAL DC POWERED LIFT   (Example of the number of lifts produced: With fully charged batteries, this model will lift & lower a 600 lb. drum, 8" above the floor, 786 times before the batteries are totally discharged)

OPTIONAL PNEUMATIC LIFT   (Example of the number of lifts produced: With the tank filled at 120 psi this model will lift & lower a 600 lb drum, 8" above the floor, 24 times before needing a recharge.)

EasyLift™ Drum Dumpers with

Manual Clamp and Forward Rotation

EasyLift™ Manual Clamp and Forward Rotation Drum Dumpers offer affordable solutions for dispensing drums in low level dumping applications.  These barrel tippers are offered with manual foot pump, DC powered or rechargeable air tank pneumatic lift functions.  Drums and barrels are manually secured into a saddle with a ratchet and pawl locking device.  Once lifted, drums and barrels can be manually rotated 180 degrees using a self-stopping hand crank or wheel.  Models are available in three standard lift heights to lift drums 20", 40" or 60" above floor level for dispensing.   The length of the stability legs determines the capacity which ranges from 300 lb/136 kg to 800 lb/363 kg. 

30-Day Trial Toward Purchase Program  


Drum Tipper 

As an option, a 16" diameter self-stopping hand wheel can be substituted for the hand crank.  Manual foot pump or pneumatic lift/air tank barrel tippers are perfectly suitable for use in hazardous areas.  DC powered drum dumpers are suitable for non-hazardous areas. 

Manual Barrel Tippers

Scales can be added to any barrel tipper model to eliminate the need to pre-weigh materials requiring the use of floor scales. 

Barrel Dumping Equipment

Our barrel handling equipment is offered in powder coating, FDA approved epoxy powder coating or stainless steel construction.  Small drum saddle adapters available for handling small diameter drums.  All EasyLift™ Drum Dumpers are manufactured in Newark, DE. USA.  These barrel tippers are available with a 30-day trial towards purchase program. Contact us today for a quote or any questions you may have about our drum handling equipment.

EasyLift Manual Clamp / Forward Rotation Drum Dumpers:
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