Dosemaster™ Drum Transporters with Scales & Air Pumps

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EG1 automatic drum clamping mechanism maintains a sure grip on the drum
Hydraulic lift with foot pedal allows easy raising and lowering of the drum
Dramatically reduces the risk of injuries associated with manually handling drums

Darcor PD Ergonomic Casters 5" x 2": (2) Rigid, (2) Swivel.

Step-down foot floor lock improves unit stability and safety during dispensing
Assured dependable performance when metering Rohm & Haas biocides
Improved worker safety by minimizing worker exposure to biocides
Variable speed pump capable of metering accurately to within 0.10 of a pound
Avoids biocide over-charge & under-charge, improving product quality & production economics
Closed system/Drip-less, quick-disconnect fittings
Drum tips slightly forward for optimal drum emptying minimizing residual material in drum
Safety White Powder Coating for durability
Virtually maintenance - free operation with 24 month warranty – Made in USA

Capacity 600 lb/272 kg (can be increased if necessary)

Dimensions:  42"/1067 mm Wide x 48"/1219 mm Height x 36"/915 mm Length

Shipping Weight: 465 lb., Class 85 from zip code 19713

Drum Transporters With Scales And Air Pumps

The Dosemaster™ 2000 is a highly flexible and maneuverable drum dosing system. Each Dosemaster™ system is based on a custom engineered drum transporter with a highly accurate metering system. The Dosemaster™ is designed for reliability and minimal maintenance through its modular design. Additionally, the patented Dosemaster™ 2000 biocide dosing systems is proprietary to Rohm & Haas / Dow Chemical and compatible only with Rohm & Haas / Dow Chemical biocides.

Easy Lift Equipment has built similar models for other industries, where metering products from drums by weight provides benefits. Please contact us or your local dealer to discuss you particular application in greater detail.


The operator lifts the drum with the Dosemaster™ 2000 and then inserts a hydraulic relief pin to relieve the load on the hydraulics. Next, the operator inserts and secures a lance outfitted with a drip-less, quick-disconnect fitting into the drum to seal it and connects the suction line between the drum and the pump. Once the drum is secured, the operator moves the Dosemaster™ 2000 to the production vessel, activates the brake, and connects the pump discharge line to the production vessel via a drip-less, quick-disconnect fitting.

To begin metering the Rohm & Haas biocide, follow these five simple steps:
1. Close the ball valve in the air line and connect the air supply to the metering system
2. Open the suction and discharge valves
3. Tare the scale
4. Open the air inlet ball valve
5. Charge the vessel using the control valve

More information on the web about our products and services, and all our worldwide addresses:  Dosemaster is a trademark of DOW Chemical Company.

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Dosemaster™ Drum Transporters with Scales & Air Pumps:
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