EasyLift Roll Manipulators & Transporters Capacities to 1500 lb/680

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Darcor Ergonomic Casters: (2) 8" x 2" rigid. (2) 5" x 2" swivel. 

Foot Floor Lock for added safety.

Power clamp, lift and 360 degree rotation

(2) 12-volt AGM deep cycle batteries, 24 volt system, with automatic charger, key switch, battery and discharge indicator.

Red deadman safety switch to prevent accidental opening of clamp.

34.5" overall width with an adjustable leg feature to control capacities from 200 lb/90 kg to 1200 lb/544 kg.*

Capacities vary by clamp*

Powder coated for durability with an FDA appoved powder coating available as an option.

Clamps and lift height vary to meet customer requirements.

Some Popular Options:  Side Shifters, Adjustable Clamping Pressure, Small Roll Adapters and Scales 

Great for paper roll handling as well as the handling of other materials

34" overall width on most models

Capacities from 200 lb/90 kg to 1200 lb/544 kg by means of an adjustable leg feature.

Lift Heights available up to 12' by means of single or two stage masts.

Available with an RCR 13/24 clamp, RCR16/26 clamp, RCR 36/36 clamp, SRCR clamp or LRCR clamp.

Clamping pad height typically 8" to 16" depending on roll length

Available with straddle leg of counter balanced base frames.

Paper Roll Handling Equipment Lifts And Grippers

Straddle Leg models are available with several different clamps for specific ranges of roll diameters. The I.D. between the straddle legs is built to the customers’ specification, such as the need to straddle a pallet. Most models can grip paper rolls from the corner of a pallet. The leg length is adjustable to meet the desired machine capacity up to 1200 lb/544 kg. The RCR clamp is available in three different sizes to meet the needs of the various size roll diameters a customer needs to handle. An optional small roll adapter can be easily pinned in place to permit gripping rolls as small as 9”/228mm. The height of the roll clamping pads can be 8” to 16” in height depending on the length of the roll. This equipment is powder coated for durability and also available with an FDA approved power coatings available as an option. 

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Roll Manipulator Material Handling

Other popular options are side shifters which travel 4” right or left of the center.  Side Shifters can be quite helpful for placing rolls on converting machines. Great for paper roll handling.  

Paper Reel Handling Equipment

The DC cabinets on all ER models house (2) 12-volt deep cycle AGM batteries, automatic charger, hydraulic pump & reservoir, key switch and battery discharge indicator. The control switches for clamp, lift and rotation are located on the top of the cabinet. For added safety, a red dead-man switch must be pressed and held for the unclamp function to operate. Flow control valves are in place to provide infinite lowering speeds for placing rolls softly on converting machines. As an option for sensitive roll materials (including paper), an adjustable gauge and control can be added to regulate the hydraulic clamping pressure exerted on the rolls surface.  All Models also available: 24-volt DC powered, 110 volt AC powered or air powered.  Optional scales provide extreme accuracy in weighing roll materials for pharmaceutical applications. 

Easy Lift Equipment Roll Handling Carts and Manipulators

At Easy Lift Equipment, we strive to provide roll handling carts and manipulators will enhance the safety and speed of each customer's business. If you'd like to learn more about our roll handling equipment feel free to contact us today.

EasyLift Roll Manipulators & Transporters Capacities to 1500 lb/680 :
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