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Easy Lift Equipment Drum-Hauler

All Drum-Hauler® models are supplied with a key switch, battery discharge indicator, and hour meter. The key switch must be activated to operate any function of the machine. The battery discharge indicator (BDI) is a bar graph type which lets the operator know when the machine requires recharging. All models include a large 700 lb. 24-volt wet acid industrial battery which can operate the machine for 16 hours continuously. This type of BDI is extremely helpful in determining charging requirements depending on usages especially during 3 shift operations. BDI’s are factory preset to read wet acid batteries or optional maintenance free Gel-Cell batteries which can be used for convenience charging. The BDI also has warning lights to alert operators of low battery conditions. Battery chargers are optional for each machine purchased as they are external chargers and not built-in to the machine. The hour meter is used in conjunction with scheduled maintenance requirements outlined in each operation manual. The hour meter also serves as a display for trouble shooting and changing maximum speed parameters.

Non-Rotating Drum-Haulers® equipped with an EG3 single clamping mechanism or optional EG4 double articulating clamping mechanism provide the safest method for handling all chimed plastic, fiber, and steel chimed drums. The standard low profile 57.5” tall mast gives operators great forward visibility when approaching drums.

Easy Lift Equipment Drum-Hauler Manual

The all powered lift and travels features allow any operator to:

Handle drums in tightly confined areas and aisles up & down rams and inclined floors
Handle drums from the side of a pallet, conveyor or place drums on secondary containment pallets
Remove and place drums from flammable storage cabinets, under piston pumps or into warming ovens
Load and unload trucks, trailers and oversea shipping containers either single or double stacked


Scales with Intrinsically Safe & Non-Intrinsically Safe Indicators. Label Printers when using with Non-Intrinsically safe scale option

FDA Approved Epoxy Powder Coatings or Stainless Steel Construction

Increased weight capacities up to 1500 lb/ 680 kg

Intertek Approved “EE” Ratings for Hazardous Areas. (All clamping head surfaces contacting drum are  non-sparking stainless steel with non-sparking jaws)

Headlights for dark trailers for added safety

Shortened Base Frame Lengths to 41.5”/1054 mm

Two Stage Masts with Increased Lift Heights to 144”/2895 mm 

Extended reach for handling drums from the center of a pallet

Elevated base frames for traveling over burms. Stainless steel construction. 

Easy Lift DH800 Manual

Standard Model DH800 is provided with an EG3 single clamping mechanism

Capacity: 800 lb/363 kg optional up to 1500 lb/680 kg, Lift height 20”/508mm optional up to 144”/3,657mm

Gradient Performance: 20% at full rated capacity

AC Drive Motor with regenerative braking

Electronic speed controller with variable travel speeds .   Electronic speed controller can be preset for a maximum travel speed between .9 and 2.8 mph.  Unless otherwise specified at time of order, maximum travel speed will be factory preset at 1.8 mph

Electro-magnetic disc brake which locks with handle in upright or extreme lowered position for added safety - Creep speed control with handle in upright position

Battery: 24-volt industrial, 340 amp hour, 700 lb min.battery weight. Inludes Battery Discharge Indicator and Hour Meter.  Optional: Gel-Gell 24-volt industrial batteries for convenience charging for three shift operations

Lift cylinder on with lowering speed flow control valve

Articulating tandem polyurethane load wheels, polyurethane stability casters and 9” rubber or poly drive tire

Handle: Dual thumb operated butterfly control with forward and reverse travel, lever control for lift and lower on both side of handle, horn button, snail creep button, safety reversing switch movers machine forward if activated when traveling in reverse in tight areas, key switch

Safety orange powder coating for durability or optional “FDA” approved epoxy powder coating with stainless steel hardware for food and pharmaceutical applications

Base Frame Dimensions: 28.5" width x 46.5 length (optional @ 41.5" length) x 57.5" height.  Weight Approx. 2100 lb

1 year warranty, 2 year warranty on drive motor, 5 year warranty on battery


Made in USA - Intertek Approved for "EE" ratings - 12 Month Warranty

Powered Drum Hauler Handling and Lifting Equipment

Drum-Haulers® make handling plastic, fiber, and steel drums an easy task. This is the most ergonomic equipment available for transporting, weighing, and dispensing products in drums with models suitable for most any application. The DH800 model is compact and designed to fit through a standard 30” wide x 80” high doorway opening. Drum-Haulers™ are completely counterbalanced units designed to work in tightly confined production areas. The large industrial battery provides enough power to run continuously for a 2-shift operation without recharging. 

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Drum-Haulers® for Lift, Clamp & Transport only:
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