July 3rd, 2019
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Drum Handling Equipment Rentals by Easy Lift Equipment

Easy Lift Equipment is pleased to announce the availability of rental equipment for customers performing drum inventory or for customers needing an immediate solution for a drum handling project. *

Performing a physical inventory is an important practice for many businesses.  Despite its importance, taking a physical inventory is a time consuming – often difficult process for most companies.  With drum inventory, a physical inventory can be even more difficult, as you typically move heavy drums on and off pallets to floor scales and back.   This is most commonly done with through strenuous manual labor or by using a forklift equipped with a drum handling attachment.  Easy Lift Drum Transporters equipped with integrated scale systems offer an ergonomic solution for quickly and accurately assessing drum inventory.  Small, mobile and easy to use, these units allow a single operator to pick, weigh and replace drums quickly.

Easy Lift Equipment maintains a small fleet of our Narrow Aisle Drum Transporters equipped with both non-intrinsically safe and intrinsically safe scale systems – which are available for our customers to rent for conducting inventory or other drum handling projects.  Please give us a call today to schedule your rental.

We also offer self-propelled drum transporters known as Drum Haulers®.  These units are powered by large industrial battery offering enough power to run continuously for 2 shifts – while remaining a small easy to use solution for handling drums.   These units are ideal for navigating ramps, reaching a drum from the side of a pallet and when handling higher quantities of drums.  Like all our drum handling equipment these units are available with integrated drum scale systems.

If your project requires drum dumping equipment we now also have our self-propelled drum dumpers known as Drum Haulers® available for rent.  Also equipped with integrated drum scale systems these units are the perfect for dispensing products from drums by weight.

Easy Lift Equipment manufactures the finest drum handling equipment available for all drum handling applications.  To achieve this, we offer a wide variety of equipment and focus on working closely with our customers to help select the best unit for their needs.  As a result, much of our drum handling equipment is made to order, which can impact our ability to deliver a solution quickly.  In addition, the capital approval process can often be another obstacle in delivering a quick solution.  Just us let us know what challenges you are facing, and we will work with you see if any of our rental units would fit your project requirements.

Contact us today to take advantage of this amazing program!

800-233-1800 / 302-737-7000 or sales@easylifteqpt.com

 * Subject to availability, customers are responsible for shipping to and from the rental location & monthly rental fees (month = 30 calendar days and will continue as a month-to-month rental until a contract termination is submitted and approved). Pricing varies by product, configuration, rental term, and availability.  Easy Lift Equipment Co., Inc. retains 100% ownership of the equipment.


Easy Lift Narrow Aisle Drum Transporter

  • Manually Propelled
  • 600 lbs. capacity
  • Single stage mast for 20” vertical drum lift
  • Narrow Aisle (27.5” wide)
  • EG1 Single Clamping or EG2L Double Clamping Mechanism available
  • Darcor Ergonomic Casters
  • Safety Yellow or FDA Grey powder coating
  • Available with Non-Intrinsically Safe & Intrinsically Safe Scale Systems
  • For Non-Intrinsically Safe Scale System:  $ 300.00 a week or $ 900.00 a month
  • For Intrinsically Safe Scale Systems: $ 350.00 a week or $ 1,050.00 a month


Drum-Hauler (Lift & Transport)

  • Self-Propelled
  • DC powered travel & lift
  • Up to 1,000 lbs. capacity
  • EG3 Single Clamping or EG4 Double
  • Clamping Mechanism available
  • Single stage mast for 20” vertical drum lift
  • BA954 – 24 volt / 30 amp external charger
  • Safety Orange powder coating
  • Available with Non-Intrinsically Safe & Intrinsically Safe Scale Systems
  • Starting at $ 400.00 a week or $ 1,200.00 a month.

DH800 thumb nail

Drum-Hauler (Lift, Clamp, Rotate & Travel)

  • Self-Propelled
  • DC powered travel, clamp, rotate & travel
  • Up to 800 lbs. capacity
  • Two stage mast provides up to 108” vertical drum lift
  • Side or Forward clamp rotator to handle
  • 20” to 24” diameter drums
  • Side rotation offers 360 degrees left or right
  • for dispensing
  • Forward rotation offers 180 degrees forward
  • or backwards for dispensing
  • BA954 – 24 volt / 30 amp external charger
  • Safety Orange or FDA Grey powder coating
  • Available with Non-Intrinsically Safe & Intrinsically Safe Scale Systems
  • Starting at $ 1,600 a month (3 month minimum).

DH60096CR-S 46.5 base


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