EG2000RCR Powered Drum Dumping Attachment

EG2000RCR Powered Drum Dumping Attachment
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Compatible with all drum styles (steel, plastic and fiber) with a diameter of 18-28” and a load capacity of 2,000 lbs., drum handling and maneuvering has never been easier.

Units have hydraulic actuated jaws and an adjustable pressure gauge to help ensure the appropriate amount of pressure is applied to secure your drum without damaging it. Variable speed control improves safety and ease of operation.

The EG2000RCR features a Clamp & Rotate, allowing units to rotate 360° continuously to assist with dumping requirements. 

Self-Powered units come with (2) 12V rechargeable batteries, a battery gauge, and a built-in charger (compatible with any standard outlet and extension cord). Self-powered units work for all environments and do not require a forklift powered connection. 

Fully Powered Drum Forklift Attachments improve the safety and productivity of any facility that is tilting, rotating, and transporting drums by eliminating the need for manual assistance. Constructed of heavy gauge steel with a premium powder coat finish, you can be confident these units are built to last. All products are shipped fully assembled, and are made in the U.S.A.

QUICK-CLAW OPTION: Eliminates the need for operator dismount from the lift truck to install the OSHA required safety chain. Quick-Claw™ Cam Locks automatically lock the attachment onto the lift truck blades when the attachment is lifted. A safety chain is not provided with the Quick-Claw™ option.  Quick-Claw™ is a trademark of Lifting Technologies, Inc.

Powered clamp and rotate (360°).

Quickly and ergonomically transport, tilt, rotate, dump and store drums.

Compatible with steel, plastic and fiber drums (18-28” in diameter).

2,000 lb. capacity. (The maximum lifting capacity of the EG2000RCR is 2000 lbs, however the actual capacity and lift height may be limited by the specifications of your lift truck. Prior to using the EG2000RCR the operator should verify their lift truck capacity. Always follow the lift truck manufacturer’s specifications while using the EG2000RCR.)

Self-Powered, includes (2) 12V rechargeable batteries.

Hydraulic actuated jaws, with adjustable pressure gauge.

Variable speed control.

Corded handheld pendant included, wireless remotes sold separately.

Heavy gauge steel construction.

Premium powder coat paint finish.

Ships fully assembled.

Made in the U.S.A.

Fork Pocket Size 37.5" L x 6.5" W x 2.5" H

Distance Between Fork Pockets 26"

Dimensions 68" L x 33" W x 17" H

Rotation 360° in both directions at 6 rpm

Horizontal Center of Gravity 27"

Vertical Center of Gravity 8"

Lost Load 48" 

Lost Load with 55 gallon drum 60"





The EG2000RCR is a self-powered lift truck attachment which allows the operator to remotely manipulate drums from most lift trucks without the need for additional equipment or having to dismount the lift truck while clamping, lifting and rotating a drum.

It offers the ability to clamp and rotate 18 to 28 inch diameter steel, plastic or fiber drums 360 degrees endlessly either left or right.

The clamping pads are comprised of SBR rubber to provide a durable yet secure non marking surface to grip the drums.