Easy Lift Equipment Co., Inc. was incorporated in the State of Delaware in 1982. The company started with the sale of lift truck attachments for handling drums and drum dumpers in 1984. EasyLift ergonomic drum transporters were introduced in 1993 and the company was awarded a US patent for its original EasyLift ergonomic drum transporter in 1997. By this time, the scale options were added which revolutionized the drum scale. The self-powered ergonomic Drum-Hauler® and Roll-Hauler product lines began in 1998. Today, Drum-Haulers with optional scales for dispensing by weight are used by most major companies in the following industries: pharmaceutical, food processing, chemical, paint, cosmetic, and petroleum refiners to manufacture their products.  All manufacturing, assembly and powder coating of our products is conducted at two Newark, DE facilities.

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