EasyLift Counterbalanced Drum Transporters

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  • Capacity from 200 to 800 lbs by means of counter-weight!
  • Convenient foot pedal arrangement ensures both easy lifting, lowering and handling of drums
  • All models lift drums a minimum of 20" / 508 mmabove floor level
  • Places drum 4.25"/ 29.6 mm forward if front casters.
  • Darcor 8" x 2" precision bearing ergonomic casters allow easy movement with heavy loads
  • Positive EG1 clamping mechanism for handling any size steel, plastic and fiber chimed drums
  • Step-down foot floor lock for added safety
  • Virtually maintenance - free operation
  • 12-month warranty, made in USA. CE Approved.

  • FDA Approved epoxy powder coating
  • SRC Option: EG1 non-sparking stainless steel outer housing and jaws with rubber belt and anti-static grounding strap
  • Air tank pneumatic lift for hazardous areas (includes SRC option)
  • EG2 double clamping mechanism
  • SRC Option: EG2 non-sparking stainless steel outer housing and jaws with rubber belt and anti-static grounding strap
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 24-Volt DC powered lift
  • Increased lift heights
  • 8" wheels for rough surfaces
  • Hand Brakes for traveling down inclined surfaces
  • Scales with or without intrinsically safe indicators
  • Jib for handling drums into containment vessels


DIMENSIONS: 24” WIDE x 45” LONG x 48.75” HIGH 609mm WIDE x 1143mm LONG x 1238mm HIGH

OPTIONAL PNEUMATIC LIFT   (Example of the number of lifts produced: With the tank filled at 120 psi this model will lift & lower a 600 lb drum, 8" above the floor, 24 times before needing a recharge.)

OPTIONAL DC POWERED LIFT   (Example of the number of lifts produced: With fully charged batteries, this model will lift & lower a 600 lb. drum, 8" above the floor, 786 times before the batteries are totally discharged)

Counterbalanced Drum Transporters

The reach provided by the counterbalanced base frame makes this unit ideal for placing drums in cabinets or under pumps.  This model is also perfect for placing drums on the side of pallets, scales, or containment pallets where the corner of the pallet in not accessible. Standard foot pump style lift elevates drums 3/4" per stroke of the foot pedal. Also available with DC, AC, Air over hydraulic or pneumatic powered lift.

Standard models equipped with EG1 clamping mechanism place drums to rest 4.5" / 114 mm forward of front casters, with an EG2 clamping mechanism distance is reduced to 3.5" / 89 mm.  This distance can be longer if required.  Available in capacities from 200 to 800 lb.


EasyLift Counterbalanced Drum Transporters:
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