Special Drum-Hauler Modifications

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Drum Haulers with Extended Reach

Drum Haulers and Roll Haulers are available with special features to fit customer drum handling applicatons.

The Drum-Haulers shown on this page are provided with CR clamps which have been extended providing additional reach.  Extended reach is necessary for dispensing into reactors where the opening is inset or for gripping all four drums from one side of a pallet.  This is achieved by providing extended clamp arms and adding an additional clamp cylinder to insure a tight grip on the drum.

Side Shifters aid operators in dispensing into small openings in reactors by shifting the clamp 4" to the right or left of the center position.  

If you have a special application or a special handling problem that requires a solution, please call us or consult your local material handling specialist.

Special Drum-Hauler Modifications:
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