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Grip & Weigh Lift Truck Drum Scale Attachment

Increase workplace safety & productivity by eliminating the manhandling of drums to & from floor scales. Our drum scale instantly checks the weights of incoming raw materials in drums while unloading. Provides easy weight verification of outgoing wastes in drums. Drastically reducing the time required to inventory weights of partial drums manually.

All Eagle-Grip® drum scale attachments can be equipped with custom load cells and indicators to providing a self contained means of weighing single drums using a lift truck or stacker. There are no external connections to the lift truck besides the OSHA safety chain. These drum scales are designed to save time and help eliminate workplace injuries.


Save Time and Money — Safely — With Eagle-Grip® Drum Scales

Keeping your team members safe when working with heavy drums is an important concern for any manager. Eagle-Grip™ drum scales are designed to improve productivity and minimize risk in any warehouse or shipping environment.

An Eagle-Grip® drum scale connects to a lift truck or stacker to provide an integrated solution for weighing and handling drums up to 2,000 lbs. Not only does this reduce the amount of time required to verify drum weight while loading and unloading product, it also reduces the risk of injury to your employees, minimizing your liability and leading to less staff downtime. Our drum scale attachments are useful for weighing a variety of drum types, including 55 gallon drums.

Eagle-Grip™ attachments are designed for versatility and reliable performance, even with daily use. A convenient maintenance kit is available that includes replacement springs, belts and other hardware required to extend the life of your purchase. Our drum scales are designed to fit on any modern lift truck and can be retrofitted to work with older attachments — contact our office directly for more information.


Eagle-Grip® 1 & 2 attachments are recommend for light duty weighing applications while the Eagle-Grip™ 3 & 4 model are best suited for higher volume weighing applications. All drum scales are available with non-intrinsically safe and intrinsically safe indicators and non-sparking clamping jaws. Eagle-Grip™ 3 & 4 models are also available to weigh up to two drums at a time.

All Grip & Weigh models are available with label printers excluding intrinsically safe models.

Doran indicators can be substituted for other brands per request.

Eagle-Grip® attachments are also available for weighing up to two drums at a time. These models require the indicator to be mounted to the overhead guard of the lift truck. Weights for each drum can be stored and downloaded to a computer through the indicator. An optional label printer provides a means of tracking product, printing company information, weights and more.

Grip & Weigh Attachments:
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