Printer Options for EasyLift Drum Transporters

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EasyLift drum transporter specifications available by model

Any Doran, Rice Lake, Mettler Toledo or Fairbanks scale indicator is available.

Any model paper or label printer is available.


 EasyLift ergonomic drum transporters equipped with a scale option are accurate to +/- 0.02 lb when weighing drums up to 1000 lb. 

Specifications of printer are available from the printer manufacturer per brand and model required. 

Easy Lift Equipment was awarded a US patent for inventing an Ergonomic Drum Transporter to eliminate injuries associated with the manual handling of drums.  Optional scales for weighing and dispensing drums by weight were introducted shortly thereafter in 1997.    

New for 2013: 

All types of 110 volt printers can now be included with the scale option for printing labels, conducting physical inventory of drum weights or any other printer required function for the recording and printing data or labels when weighing drums or dispensing contents from drums.   The printer option can be added to most any existing model.   A unique DC power pack is included which powers the printer for 40 hours before requiring a re-charge.  As this option does not specify an actual brand or model printer, the cost of the printer, rolls of paper or labels is not included in the purchase option price. 

Customers may supply their own printers or we will order the required brand and model for them.  This option includes:  the DC power pack, a heavy-duty support tray for the printer, set-up with the scale indicator, all wiring and calibration.