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    Eagle-Grip® Non-Sparking Attachments for Hazardous Areas



    All lift truck attachments for handling drums currently on the market have clamping mechanisms made of carbon steel. When these carbon steel clamping mechanisms contact steel drums and are elevated by the lift truck operator there are two metal surfaces scrapping against one another quickly. This metal on metal sliding action to grip the drums' chime is the greatest potential for creating a spark.  The addition of non-sparking clamping jaws to the gripping mechanisms provides absolutely no benefit in deterring any potential spark created during the activation of the clamping mechanisms against the drums. 
    All Eagle-Grip® clamping mechanisms when purchased with the SRC option are now available with stainless steel inner and outer housings in addition to non-sparking clamping jaws. In short, all metal surfaces that come into contact with a steel drum are non-sparking. The belts that rest against the lower side of the drum when lifted are made of a thicker extremely durable PVC material which provides even greater protection than our standard rubber belts. Older Eagle-Grip Series 1, 2, 3 and 4 attachments with carbon steel housings can be replaced with the stainless parts to be in compliance for use in hazardous rated areas. 
    The Eagle-Grip® model EL4F, which handles up to four drums at a time, has a great deal more metal surfaces which can contact the drum to create a spark. The Model EL4F-SRJ includes all non-sparking stainless steel parts in additional to the investment casted non-sparking clamping jaws.
    To see images of these non-sparking models, click any of these links and then click the “View Full Brochure” tab on the right of the page.
    The same stainless steel non-sparking parts are also standard on all EasyLift ergonomic drum transporters with non-sparking options and "EE" rated Drum-Haulers equipped with mechanical clamping mechanisms for transporting drums.


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