Roll Handling

EasyLift Roll Transporters Capacities to 600 lb/272 kg

    EasyLift Ergonomic Roll-Transporter with V-Pan

    Easy Lift Equipment Roll Transporter with Roll Post

    EasyLift Ergonomic Roll-Transporter with a Roll Post with Rollers

    EL60060SLDC-S (with V-pan, scale and FDA white powder coating)

EasyLift Roll Manipulators Capacities to 500 lb/227 kg

    ELDR50060RCR with RCR1324-8 & RCR1324-16 Clamps for Handling Drums and Rolls

    ELDR50060RCR with RCR1324-16 Clamp for Handling Rolls

    ELDR Roll Manipulator with SRCR Clamp


    ELDR200132CBSPRCRA Special

EasyLift Roll Manipulators & Transporters Capacities to 1500 lb/680 kg

    Roll Manipulator with RCR 1626 Clamp & Scale System

    Roll Manipulator with RCR 2336 Clamp

    ER100060SRCR with SRCR 12/26 Clamp - 16" Clamp Pads

    ER100048RCR with RCR 23/36 Clamp - 16" Clamp Pads

    Counter Balanced Roll Manipulator with SRCR Clamp

    Installing Small Roll Adapter RCR 23/36 Clamp

    ER80048RCR with RCR 16/26 Clamp - 16" Clamp Pads

    ER120048RCR with RCR 23/36 Clamp - 8" Clamp Pads

    ER Series AC Powered Roll Manipulator with LRCR Clamp

Roll-Haulers™ With Power Travel

    Roll-Hauler with RCR 2336-16 Clamp

    RH120060RCR-SS with 1324-16 Clamp

    Roll Hauler with LRCR Clamp

    Roll-Hauler with SRCR Clamp

    RH100048RCR with RCR16/26 Clamp


RCR20 Roll Handling Lift Truck Attachments Capacity 2200 lb/1000 kg

    EJC-B16 with RCR30-50


Model RH4000 & RH6000 Roll Transporters

    RH4000 (shown with 36" forks)

ERP Series Roll Transporters

    ERP Series Roll Transporters

    ERP200064S-40 ERP Roll Transporter with Hydraulic Lip

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